Does your utility or infrastructure mapping system look similar to this?                                         

Are you looking for affordable solutions to bring your maps in to the digital era?


Deteriorating infrastructure and preventative infrastructure maintenance are constant challenges that Cities, Water Districts and Private Utility Companies are continually faced with.

Let 21 Design Group show you some options to get your maps in to a web-based, user-friendly interactive mapping system!




Our goal is to help you get your infrastructure data into a user friendly format that allows for better planning and maintenance of your infrastructure.  We want to provide a mapping system that is usable by people with no formal GIS training and is accessible using computers or mobile devices with internet access.  When a utility operator needs to see the location of a sanitary manhole, he or she, can simply open the website and zoom in to the manhole location with an aerial image without having to call for a map.


Whether it is infrastructure such as sanitary sewer, storm sewer, potable water, roadways, electric or other mapping needs such as street sign replacement programs, water system flushing programs, water meter replacement programs, storm water management, inflow and infiltration evaluation/analysis, we can help you.  The benefits of infrastructure mapping are:

  • Efficient re-location of utilities
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Urban planning
  • Budgeting for improvements
  • Environmental impact assessments

In some instances the experienced operator is the only person who knows the entire utility system well from working many years.  Newer operators are often hindered because of the lack of good mapping.  If this is your situation then bringing your utility mapping in to the digital era is the best solution. 

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